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How to Start with Test Automation?

I want to share with you six simple steps to start with test automation. Why? Because this is a blog about Agile Testing and we cannot talk about it without having a test automation in place. The biggest struggle with implementing automated testing framework is to have teams converting their development practices to agile software [...]

Five Tips for Outsourcing in Agile Software Development

In every business, one of the methods of making a bigger profit is cutting cost, which includes labor cost. The most common way of doing it is outsourcing the work to a country with lower labor costs. Outsourcing also applies to the software development business where partial or full outsourcing is a common practice. Needless [...]

Welcome to Agile Testing Blog

Welcome to Agile Testing blog. I’ll be sharing with you my experience with Agile Testing on my project run with Scrum and useful tips for solving different kinds of issues. Strange enough agile testing, as a concept, has existed for quite a few years starting in the time when Extreme Programming was born or even [...]